Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WOW, I am so sorry I haven't been back here. I had no idea people were reading this. You want an update?

This month marks my THREE(3) year anniversery of being a dragon Slayer! I have been having a full labs done every six months, with no trace of the virus. Not just a low number(under 40), is what it reads when you are testing positive but at a very small viral load. Nope, not me...There are no traces found of Hepatitis C ! WOOT WOOT! In fact- all my labs come back showing a healtier me then I had been for twenty years!
Long term side effects-My mental and emtional state are still working through the bugs. I have to say 80% of my 'issues' during treatment, have vanished. Things like dry skin, poor eyesight, even nausea have lingered.
But I am healthy and CURED! I am due for my 6 moth blood draw Jan. 1,2014. Yes I will continue to test...for life! For now, gotta run...or 'crutch'. broken foot, different story. ;) PEACE PEOPLE !