Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WOW, I am so sorry I haven't been back here. I had no idea people were reading this. You want an update?

This month marks my THREE(3) year anniversery of being a dragon Slayer! I have been having a full labs done every six months, with no trace of the virus. Not just a low number(under 40), is what it reads when you are testing positive but at a very small viral load. Nope, not me...There are no traces found of Hepatitis C ! WOOT WOOT! In fact- all my labs come back showing a healtier me then I had been for twenty years!
Long term side effects-My mental and emtional state are still working through the bugs. I have to say 80% of my 'issues' during treatment, have vanished. Things like dry skin, poor eyesight, even nausea have lingered.
But I am healthy and CURED! I am due for my 6 moth blood draw Jan. 1,2014. Yes I will continue to test...for life! For now, gotta run...or 'crutch'. broken foot, different story. ;) PEACE PEOPLE !


  1. I really should update this profile,
    I've gotten engage...
    have 2 new daughter-in-laws
    2new grandsons
    a new grand-daughter due this month!...I told you I was busy, busy ;)

  2. It is very necessary to keep yourself fit once you hit 40. You can't have stronger immune system as you used to have when you were younger. Thanks for the blog post.

    Arnold Brame